W: Two Worlds (KDrama)

The series entails about when Oh Yeon Joo finds her father missing while a dying webtoon character, Kang Cheol pulled Oh Yeon Joo in the webtoon world. When Oh Yeon Joo brought in the webtoon world, her life gets pretty complicated and so as the main character of “W”. Lee Jong Suk as Kang Cheol, [...]


38 Task Force (Kdrama)

38 Revenue Collection unit is motivated and received advice from “38 Task Collection Division” aka 38 기동대: Task force 38 in Seoul Metropolitan Government. The Korean title “sagidongdae” is the combination of the words “sagi” (fraud) and “gidongdae” (task foce). And the motto of this drama is “Swindle to the end, must be collected”, it’s [...]

Let’s Fight Ghost (KDrama)

Let’s Fight, Ghost or also known as Bring It On, Ghost is a Korean series that talks about a high school student who died at the age of 19. She’s a ghost and wandered around the world for five years already. Meanwhile, Park Bong Pal, a college student who make his ability in seeing ghosts [...]

Moorim School (KDrama)

I had few attempts already in watching the series and finally, I already finish this series with my niece! Surprisingly, this series actually is quite different than the usual Korean series that I watched since it's an action series with a touch of fantasy (because of the Chintamani Key and etc.).  Also, the staff of [...]