An Urban Garden Cafe in Tipolo!

The place is comfy and warm to stay at, the air condition at that time isn't in moderate temperature at all. We ordered frappuccinno and the overall taste is 10/10! We didn't have the chance to eat something from their menu, because we already had our dinner;  but we'll try to eat something next time! [...]


For The Love of Organic Food!

We're not in love with the bees in the farm but we're full and fond of the organic food that they serve in Bohol Bee Farm restaurant; for Cebuanos, we have "The Buzz" cafe located at the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria. "The Buzz" in Cebu and the restaurant from the Bohol Bee Farm had [...]

Advance Christmas Dinner in Tempura Japanese Grill

Since we're hungry and don't want our hyper-acidity roll on in our tummy, we checked out other restaurants from the new wing of SM Cebu (restaurants that we haven't tried before). So I was thinking of a Korean Restaurant but unfortunately SM don't have one (sobs), they only have these Japanese restaurant like the Tempura [...]

Yummy Shrimps in a Bucket and Billiards at Pitlane

A mini celebration for one of my friends in Bucket Shrimps near IT Park, Lahug. The location is not noticeable compared with the other branch near Capitol. To have some idea for their price range, here it is (I got this from their official website) This place could give you a street food cowboy vibe! [...]

Talaba Rocks in Kuya Ruben’s Fresh Talabahan

We went to Kuya Ruben's Fresh Talabahan last Saturday to celebrate my late birthday celebration. I know my parents would love this place because they love seafoods and the place is cool just like my mom's hometown. It gives them the ambiance of how fresh is their food as well. Their viand's price range is [...]

A Princess Cafe – Cafe Tiala

Yesterday, I decided to visit Cafe Tiala again (for the 2nd time) to take pictures and try their samgyeupsal. Unfortunately, I'm pretty disappointed with their samgyeupsal, because I want more lettuce than rice (lol).  But I am totally in love with their fancy, cute and princess-like vibe of their coffee shop. . Every room they [...]