Tomorrow With You [KDrama]

This is a fantasy and romance drama; starring Shin Min Ah as Song Ma Rin and Lee Je Hoon as Yoo So Joon. I was easily intrigued with the plot already because it involves with time traveling plus the lead actors/actress for this drama.


My first impression from their pilot episode:
This series wouldn’t be a hit like “Goblin” or DOTS because the expected audience for this kind of drama is for those people who love melodrama. The two main characters also don’t show a youthful image so it’s rarely enjoyable for the teens who love romantic comedy drama + cliche sweet scenes. I love how the character is built because they are both mature but sometimes stupid and careless (LOL).


The whole drama gives you always a tear jerking moments and they never fail with it because I always carried away how Shin Min Ah cries. Also, I love how they develop the characters all throughout the episode. As for me, every episode always gives you a life lesson.

The drama isn’t too popular but I highly recommend this drama! 9/10 (I just don’t know why how So Joon got that kind of power, LOL)


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