Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (KDrama)

I guess you already watched this hit Korean series and many kdrama addicts right now are still hangover with it.

The main casts are: Gong Yoo, who acted as Kim Shin, the immortal Goblin and the protector of souls; Lee Dong Wook, who portrays the role of an amnesiac grim reaper; Kim Go Eun who’s Ji Eun Tak, an optimistic and bubbly high school student, she’s also one of the two missing souls that the grim reaper is after; Yoo In Na as Sunny, the bright and attractive boss of Ji Eun Tak and Yook Sung Jae as Deok Hwa, the kind-hearted chaebol heir and only grandson of the Yoo family.

They have a  total of five awesome main characters and with a very intriguing links that connects between those characters.

This is a recommended series because of:

Cinematography – I was kind of expecting this because the writer is from the DOTS as well. So, I guess, the writer could possibly be searching a good team of producers for her another hit series.

Bromance – This is one of the main reason why I hold on with this series. The bromance between a goblin and a grim reaper is too cute to handle. I sometimes think that their respective female leads are quite neglected already because of the spark between the goblin and the grim reaper. They are totally opposite, the fire and ice enemy but their friendship is solid.

Comedy – the funny scenes are great! I have so many favorite funny scenes from this series and I sometimes kept on watching it again and again (srsly LOL). I was not expecting those kind of funny scenes from the writer, Kim Eun Sook.

Acting – two veteran actors plus a great actress (no bias – but I am a fan of Kim Go Eun) together in a drama, you could be expecting a great drama series.

Sweet and funny dates with the Grim Reaper – this is kind of a spoiler (but idc loljk), you’ll find those dates between Sunny and Grim Reaper and they are totally funny even though they have this kind of barrier between them.


Childish acts of Ji Eun Tak – as I’ve said, Kim Go Eun is such a great actress and she flawlessly acts pretty cute as Ji Eun Tak. I sometimes watch a replay of the scenes where Eun Tak dance the scene before she had her first soju drink ever


When the Goblin is so jealous – I really love those scenes so much and it’s very funny at the same time, I’d really thought that they would be having some kind of love triangle when a long time crush (Tae Hee) comes in between the Goblin and Ji Eun Tak

OST – I guess all songs from this series deserves to be in my playlist on Spotify. They have a superb soundtrack indeed.

I guess you could tell what my rate could be for this series: 10/10 for Goblin!



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