Drinking Solo (KDrama)

I added this series to my queue because of the people who posted comments under the “Something About 1%” series. I am too curious why they labeled Ha Seok Jin as High Quality Trash or a Premium Trash.

The series is all about drinking alcohol alone (obviously). They shared lots of scenes where the characters drink an alcohol a way of relaxation, destressing or just consoling themselves at times when they’re having a bad day.


Mainly, this series is about the romance between Jin Jeong Sok a.k.a High Quality Trash or Premium Trash and Park Ha Na,  a.k.a No Gue-Rae of Noryangjin. They both work at a private institute for people preparing for their civil service examinations in Noryangjin, Seoul. Jeong Sok is an arrogant but popular instructor while Ha Na is a rookie instructor who struggles to survive in Noryangjin.


Overall, I am quite happy with their plot because they give the other behind reasons why people tend to drink alcohol. The whole series is entertaining and especially Professor Jin Woong who always impersonate some other famous character from the other series (he never fails on it by the way haha). Aside from the booming romance between the arrogant and the naive instructor, Ha Na, they showed the importance of determination in focusing how to study (well this is quite important for the students out there). Also, the sorrow of being alone and wanting to be loved is the most heartbreaking scenes that I’ve seen from Professor Jin Yi.

This is a warm, realistic and comforting type of series; and I give this series with the rate of 8/10.



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