Something About 1%

This series is also known as “One Percent of Anything” or “1% of Something”. This is based on the same-titled TV series and novel by Hyun Go Woon. And the total no. of episodes from this series is only 16.


This is about Kim Da Hyun (Jeon So Min), who saves a stranger which happens nearby from their school. After this incident, the elementary school teacher met Lee Jae In, the arrogant boss from a wealthy family. Surprisingly, the stranger that the teacher saved last time is the grandfather of Lee Jae In. And so the will of Lee Ja In’s grandfather changed and included about dating with Kim Da Hyun.

I know that the plot is pretty typical already but I tried to finish their episodes and ended up loving it a bit. They just have few episodes that makes my heart stunned by their romantic scenes and this series doesn’t give you a lot stress.


Overall, the series actually shows the common problems of engaging a relationship and how they beat up between their agreement and man up with their feelings. If we stick on those pointers, I may say that I would eventually love this series but still I find it boring as I kept on watching it (though I ended up watching the whole series for a review).

I just give this series as 6/10, since it didn’t give me a lot of excitement and the flow of the series is quite predictable for me.


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