Love in the Moonlight (KDrama)

A historical, melodrama and romantic series. And with this, I already know why lots of women are super crazy with Park Bo Gum.  Aside from his cuteness from this drama, he also did well in terms of acting since I can differentiate his acting from the drama, “Hello Monster” and from this series as well.

This is actually my first ever historical drama that I followed because of Yoo Jung. 

Park Bo Gum as the Crown Prince; Yoo Jung as Eunuch Hong Sam Nom with her original name from the series, Hong Ra On; Jinyoung as Kim Yoon Sung, he is the eldest grandchild of the Kim Clan; Kwak Dong Yeon as Kim Byung Yeon as the guard of the Crown Prince and also Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ha Yeon.


I admit that I had this second-lead-syndrome from this drama but as the chemistry develops between the two main leads, I suddenly ship them in the end. Though I find it too awkward because Yoo Jung looks like too young for Park Bo Gum, I still find them compatible enough for this drama.


There’s this one character that I hated sometimes from this drama, and that’s obviously the not-so-wise King or the father of Crown Prince in other words. I just hate when he always made his decisions without such considerations.

Overall, I love this drama but quite curious what’s the position of Hong Ra On in the palace or what she’s up to from all those chaos, so I’ll give this drama a 9 / 10. And if you love how the romance develop from the Coffee Prince maybe this series is a good fit for your taste, try to watch it now!


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