Shopping King Louis (KDrama)

This is a light Korean drama series that I’ve ever watched in this year. All the characters are not annoying.

credits to ockoala from photobucket.

Louis, which is played by Seo In Guk, is the last surviving heir of a chaebol chairman who always spends money to buy everything which stands out to his taste. He always chose the best or the limited edition of each item. As he was about to return in Korea, he experience a loss unto his memory and met Bok Sil, which is played by Nam Ji Hyun, a naturally beautiful woman who’s from the countryside.


The whole series is filled with funny, romantic and cute scenes from the main characters. Also, the storyline is well written, you couldn’t actually say that the flow of its story is pretty cliche. Regarding with the romantic scenes, Louis and Bok Sil are pretty cute together they both look like innocent or pure even their kissing scenes are pretty innocent, cute and sweet at the same time.


What I also love with their series is their OST’s HAHAHA! They really have a classic collection for their OST! Every episode title connects with the featured song that will be played on that episode.


Overall, this drama deserves to be given by 10/10. If you don’t want to be stressed out in watching series, you should probably watch this series then.


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