Plastic Memories (2015)

If we talk about robots, we usually imagine them with a straight face and hardly no feelings because they are just ran by a program, but the robots in this series are totally different.

They are called as “Giftia” – a type of android developed by Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation which they really look like and behave like human beings!

The series is situated in the near future, it’s when human beings live along with Giftia and treat them as a family. Unfortunately, Giftia’s lifespan is roughly nine years and four months. If they aren’t retrieve on their expiration date they would have personality disintegration, memory loss and its worse case would be, they could be violent already. On that manner, there’s a group of people who are responsible in retrieving Giftias which are called as Terminal Service. Well, on this series they just focus one of the unique team among them, and that’s the Terminal Service One Office.

So there are androids which are Giftias and human beings working together in a team, I was already scheming the ending of this series even though I was still on their fifth episode. This is a sci-fi, romantic and mixed with drama as well.

The romance would kick in when Tsukasa and Isla are partners in retrieving Giftias.

Tsukasa was referred by his father’s friend to work on his company and before he hopped in with this company, he really don’t have an idea of what kind of work he will have. Isla is a Giftia. She’s clumsy and always make a good tea to everyone in their office.  (I guess you could actually predict the end of this series already) 

The whole series doesn’t focus a lot about Giftias they focus more on how Giftias give impact to the people or to their loved ones. You’ll be amazed with the abilities of Giftia but the drama in here really makes this series super great!

I would rate this as 9.5/10. I would be happy enough if they could give one or two episodes about the reason behind of Isla’s data. Why is she not improving? Why is she different with the other Giftias?

Putting aside with my curiosity, even though I already know the ending of this series, the series is still worth watching. So you better add this series on queue on your watch list, HAHAHA!


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