Your Lie In April (2014)

Your Lie in April or Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso in japanese was released last October 2014. It’s an anime adaptation of the manga series written by Naoshi Arakawa.


Kosei Arima is a piano prodigy and dominated competition. Even in his young age he’s already well known to some child musicians like him. He was strictly trained by his mother who’s pretty sick by those time. After his mother died, he had a mental breakdown and had a difficulty on playing the piano again.

In this series, you’ll see how Kosei fight back to his mental breakdown despite of the loss that he had from the past and from his present.

Kaori Miyazano is a free-spirited violinist and a classmate of Tsubaki. On her young age, she’s already trained to play piano and was diverter by her interest on playing violin right after he saw Kosei playing a piano during competition.
Tsubaki Sawabe is Kosei’s childhood friend and a next door neighborhood as well. She had an unrequited feelings towards Kosei but she was totally not aware of her own feelings. 
Ryota Watari is a famous captain soccer player from their school and extremely popular to all girls. He’s the love interest to Kaori which was introduced by Tsubaki.

This anime series will make you feel the heartbreaking love story and together with an appreciation of good music. Despite I didn’t know the detailed reason of why is Kaori suffering that kind of sickness, I still love this anime!

I am personally not a musician but always a fan of series which is mixed with drama, romance and comedy. This is totally the best anime that I’ve watched recently. If you happen to see the trailer of the live action movie, you better watch the series or read the manga.




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