38 Task Force (Kdrama)

38 Revenue Collection unit is motivated and received advice from “38 Task Collection Division” aka 38 기동대: Task force 38 in Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The Korean title “sagidongdae” is the combination of the words “sagi” (fraud) and “gidongdae” (task foce). And the motto of this drama is “Swindle to the end, must be collected”, it’s clearly a parody of the motto of the 38 Tax Collection Division, “Trace to the end, must be collected”.

This series had 16 episodes and their genre are comedy, mystery and crime. So I guess, all the viewers who loves only chick flick series or movies, I don’t think isn’t a good one for you.

Main cast are Ma Song Seok as Baek Sung II, he’s one of the chief of a certain tax collection division; Seo In Guk as Yang Jung Do, the main leader of the con artists in this series; Sooyoung as Chun Sung Hee, the lover of Yang Jung Do (unfortunately, they don’t have an intimate or sweet scenes here, so…); Song Ok Suk as No Bang Sil, as one of the richest person in South Korea; Heo Jae Ho as Jang Hak Joo, he’s quite stupid but very useful on their game plan HAHAHAHA; Ko Kyu Pil as Jung Ja Wang, he’s the tech guy here; and Lee Sun Bin as Jo Mi Joo, she’s sexy, cute and hot but unfortunately she had an unrequited love to Yang Jung Do.


I am considering this series on my queue because of Seo In Guk and with the backstory of the series title.


Isn’t he cute? (winks) LOL.

All through out their episodes, they always give you reasons to be more curious and to be more cautious unto each character of the series. Like, does the chief is conning his close friend, Yang Jeong Do? Does the detective is an accomplice with the mayor? and etc! AHAHAHA.

If you’re into action and suspense, then this series is really a good fit for your taste. A must watch series to the aspiring con artist (just kidding)

9.8/10 for this series.

Source: Wikipedia 


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