Let’s Fight Ghost (KDrama)

Let’s Fight, Ghost or also known as Bring It On, Ghost is a Korean series that talks about a high school student who died at the age of 19. She’s a ghost and wandered around the world for five years already. Meanwhile, Park Bong Pal, a college student who make his ability in seeing ghosts as a part time job. So that’s it, a ghost and an exorcist met and join a club for fighting against evil spirit.  Aren’t they have a cute twist as lovers?


Kim So Hyun as Hyun Ji, Taecyeon as Park Bong Pal are the main characters of this series. Kim San Ho as Monk Myung-Chul, a monk who evades the evil spirit who’s inside to the young Park Bong Pal before. The antagonist is played by Kwoon Yool as Joo Hye-Sung, a veterinarian and a college professor to the university where Bong Pal studied. Kang Ki Young as Choi Chun Sang and David Lee as Kim In Rang are the goofy and annoying college seniors to Bong Pal; they are the ones who convinced to Bong Pal to sign up to their club for their exorcism business. Lee Do Yeon as Oh Kyung Ja and Baek Seo E as Im Seo Yeon, are some of the supporting characters of this series.


The genre of this series are comedy, horror, action, romance, and supernatural. This is actually a Korean drama remake of the webtoon of the same title which was serialized on Naver from 2007 to 2010. The series have 16 episodes that’s directed by Park Joon-hwa and Myung Hyun-woo.


At first, I was giddy enough to watch this series already even I followed tons of series. But I end up waiting for their last episode and finally I already finish them! I didn’t mind their horrific scenes since it’s not in the majority of their show. I am in love with the plot because of Kim So Hyun, HAHAHAHA! This is the first time I saw Kim So Hyun having a quite mature role compared to her previous drama. My comment between their role as Bong Pal and Hyun Ji? They are just so cute and very compatible; because of their cute scenes and have both good physical appearance, their age gap in real life isn’t too obvious in this series!


Overall, I’ll rate this drama as 10/10. This is a must watch series, if you ever have thoughts on their horrific scenes just bare in mind that they are just a Scooby Doo gang fighting against a monster, HAHAHA!


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