Oh My Ghost (KDrama)

The genre of this series are romance, comedy, and supernatural; they have a total of 16 episodes to watch. Starring Park Bo Young as Bong San, Jo Jung Suk as head chef of his own restaurant and Kim Seul Gi as the lustful virgin ghost.

Bong San is petite, has a zero confidence and she could see ghosts as well. Her ability in seeing ghosts is the cause of why she doesn’t have close friends since then. She works in a restaurant where she’ll meet Jo Jung Suk as Sun Woo, the conceited star chef who’s overflowing with confidence in his food and his skill. Bong San is known for not particularly good at anything, that’s why her workload is always on washing the dishes in the restaurant.


As Bong San and Kim Seul Gi as Soon Ae crossed each other’s path, the life of Bong San changes a lot even her love life! And… (will not continue anymore because I might spill some beans LOL)

Anyway, this series is already in queue, I just always skip from watching this series because one of its genre is supernatural. Right, I am quite afraid on watching it just by reading their plot HAHAHA. In the end, I watch it already without reluctancy. I love and quite intrigued by their pilot episode.

For me, Bong San and Sun Woo isn’t a compatible couple for me. In terms of their character, it doesn’t match at all. But as the time goes by (though they have minimal sweet and intimate scenes together), I find them quite amusing and full of pure love being together. And sometimes, I find some of the scenes being prolonged and I get it too boring already.


All in all, I love it from the start and until the end. 8.5/10


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