Cliff Resort in Catmon, Cebu

I know this is already a late post about our anniversary day out, but I would still love to post this in here.

So last July, we went to Huna-Huna Resort in Catmon, Cebu. It’s like a three-hour drive from Pooc to Catmon (just an estimate guys). Catmon is actually on the northern part of Cebu and this is my first time stay in a cliff resort!



The one at the middle at the top is where our room located (:

The service of their staff is pretty great and accommodating, even their dog is also well behaved. Their room is the best, considering their rates are very affordable!

Airconditioned Room will cost you PHP 2,000 for one day.

Fan Rooms will cost you PHP 1,000 – PHP 1,5000.

For their detailed rates on their rooms, just visit their website:

Sorry for the mess, hahaha! We avail the air conditioned room by the way, a good for two room.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a swimming pool. That’s what they lack, they don’t have a pool for those people who don’t love to swim in the sea. (HAHAHAHA).

And behold our foodporn guys! The first photo is our dinner, then the third photo is our breakfast meal. We do have a snacks meal around afternoon, unfortunately I don’t love how I captured it so I decided to not share it at all LOL.

I kind of hate the way I captured our meal but hell I care, evidence for our dinner on that day. LOL
And on this night we drank a PHP700 worth red wine, pretty cheap! XD


This is where we had our breakfast (: a good looking view of the sea and a soothing smell of the sea LOL.

Overall, we love the place! There are many spots in the resort that you would love to post for your Instagram feed (:


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