Beautiful Gong Shim (KDrama)

Beautiful Gong Shim or also know as The Beauty of the Beast, Beast’s Beauty, or Pretty
Ugly. This romantic drama are starred by Namgoong Min as Ahn Dan Tae, Bang Min Ah
(from Girls Day kpop group) as Gong Shim, Ohn Joo Wan as Suk Joon Soo and Seo Hyo
Rim as Gong Mi.

The whole story was all about:

1. The search of the oldest cousin of Joon Soo
2. And the late bloomer, Gong Shim who are loved by Ahn Dan Tae and Joon Soo.

Same as the typical Korean romantic drama, the two leads who’s Ahn Dan Tae and Gong
Shim, doesn’t start as a good relationship when they are both strangers to each other.
Gong Shim who wears Cleopatra’s hairstyle as her wig and the goofy Ahn Dan Tae always
find a reason to argue and some false accusation from the lady.


Some of their episodes wanted me to skip one, but only Ahn Dan Tae keeps me up for the next episode. I think he’s the main reason why I ended up watching the first ever episode and until their last episode and before I forget, the actor acted as Joon Soo is really really cute (HAHAHA!).


The goofiness between these two are some of the great parts of their series as well. Overall, I still like it! 7/10


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