Beautiful Mind (KDrama)

This is my new favorite drama that I recently watched. Unfortunately this drama is an underrated series.


Beautiful Mind have 14 episodes and its director is Mo Wan-II. This is inspired by Mary Shelley’s gothic novel Frankenstein, it tells about a world-renowned neurosurgeon with zero sympathy because of his anti-social disorder. And right after he met this police woman, his life started to change and including on how he communicate to his patients.

It is not a typical Korean romantic drama since it doesn’t focus a lot between the two leads, the whole series also talks about the bizarre lesion disease developed from some of their patients.

Starring Jang Hyuk as Lee Young Oh , the genius neurosurgeon who has an anti-social disorder; Park So-dam as Gye Jin Sung as a traffic policewoman who upholds unto her principles strongly; Yoon Hyun-min as Hyun Suk-joo as a cardio-thoracic surgeon and Park Se-Young as Kim Min-jae, a senior research fellow at the department of neurology in Hyunsung hospital.

I would strongly recommend this drama because it started an episode with a strong impact to the viewers and ended an episode beautifully. 10/10 all the way woo!


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