Another Miss Oh (Kdrama)

Another good romantic and drama series that I’ve watched. I can’t say totally if this series could fall into “comedy” genre since there are more dramatic scenes than comedy.

So the two main roles are Eric and Seo Hyun-Jin, Eric as Park Do Kyung and Seo Hyun-Jin and Oh Hae-Young a.k.a Just Oh Hae Young (her nickname way back from their high school days).


And this would be the brother of Park Do Kyung. He’s Heo Jeong Min as Park Hoon in this series. and their eldest sister from the Park family would be Ye Ji Won as Park Soo Kyung (which is also the boss of Just Oh Hae Young). His sister and his brother have their crazy side, like super crazy! Just like these images below:




And here comes the ex’s. This is the ex-fiance? of Park Do Kyung which is also named as Oh Hae Young, portrayed by Jeon Hye Bin.


And this one would be also the ex-fiance of Just Oh Hae Young, who’s Han Tae Jin, portrayed by Lee Jae Yoon.

And these would be the supportive and tough parents of Just Oh Hae Young. They really showed an unconditional for their only daughter.

And yeah, here are some other fun characters to expect in this series:

Park Do Kyung staff from his Movie Sound company
And the jolly girlfriend of Park Do Kyung’s brother.

The whole series is quite good! I can’t say that this drama is 10/10 because there are a number of episodes that bore me. But the whole plot is really good! In this romantic drama series you should really stay focus as possible since there are two Oh Hae Young ( and that’s why the title is “Another Miss Oh”). The whole drama talks about how the two lead roles entertwine their path because of just a misunderstanding plus the visions from Park Do-Kyung. I’d really thought this would be involve with the supernatural stuff but sadly, it isn’t. If you’re too curious about the visions just watch the whole series AHAHAHA.

I think one of the challenge here is how Do Kyung handle his fears of knowing how he will end up dying in his visions. How he change its path to its real path rather than riding along the fake path.

Knowing what your future would look like really scares you a lot but somehow it will change in various ways of how you will change yourself in a good way, and the change itself would have a ripple effect on it.


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