My Amazing Boyfriend (CDrama)

“My Amazing Boyfriend” or “My Wonderful Boyfriend” is a Chinese drama, starring Wu Qian and Kim Tae Hwan and  they have 28 episodes.


This is actually my first Chinese drama ever that’s included in my Asian Drama list. I watch this drama since it was inspired by the hit Korean drama before, entitled as “My Love From The Star” (and I cried the finale episode of this drama, that’s why). On their pilot episode, I was considering all scenes that it was really inspired from the Korean drama; but as we watch the rest of the episode I was thinking that this drama had a mixed concept from the “Blood” (still, a Korean drama” and from the “My Love From The Star” drama.

For me, the acting was a bit too dry for romantic scenes. But since this is the first time that Kim Tae Hwan was casted as the male lead and as an actor, I was impressed (he had a good start in acting!). I love the goofiness of Wu Qian, her outfit never fail me to love it! (HAHAHAHA)

Favorite scene from Wu Qian (HAHAHAHA!) But in reality, here’s her response from the director.

There would be some episodes that are too boring (but we still watch it though, we endure the beauty of boredom); but there are scenes that are too funny and full of quirks from some of the casts. There are bromance scenes too (before I forget this ahaha).

And if you’re too curious who’s this mysterious friend of Monster Xue, you’ll find it out on their 24th episode (HAHAHAHA). Me and my niece were a bit too curious about this friend of him (because he always talk with the big rocks along the seashore, we see him as a crazy monster); but we’re so happy to discover it   On their finale episode, all I could say is, “It was all worth it, hahaha!”.

If you happen to love Kim Tae Hwan from this drama, read this article from dramafever: [link]


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