To Baybay, Leyte We Go!

We went to Leyte last Saturday to witness a wedding. And the event was extra special since the groom is one of the best buds of my boyfriend.

We stayed for two nights here in VISCA. This is a beach front villas and the cost of each villa per night is pretty cheap, PHP 3,500.00
After chilling in the villa for our first night, the exciting moment has come already! 

I don’t have much photos captured during the ceremony since I wanted to enjoy their wedding ceremony.

This is such cute cupcakes in personal ahaha! 
And they have these cute wedding souvenirs for the guests. Such a cute and simple concept, I love these souvenirs so much! 
This is just a grabbed photo from the Elite Photography. This was such a magical moment for the both of them. Congratulations!!!

And after all those tear jerking moments in the reception, we went home because of personal reasons (LOL). Oh right, after resting for few minutes in the villa we headed to the newly bride’s house since we had to do the traditional curacha dance (and I was kind of shy about that since I really don’t know about the dance hohoho).

After our long night, we traveled for an hour the next day to Inopacan, Leyte. It was a long drive but it was worth it because we saw lots of coconut trees and vast lands in Leyte.

This is where the boats dock. A ride where we’re heading to one of the Cuatros island; to Digyo Island we go!
These are just few of the cottages you’ll see in the island.
Credits to my boyfriend, he’s the one who captured this. We’re about to roam around the island at this moment.
The sand speaks about the beauty of this island! We just fell in love with this island.
The rocks by the seashore is on point!


Travelers are welcome to stay here that’s why we saw lots of tents at the heart of the island.
And they have this mini sandbar, this is just one of their mini sandbar here in Digyo.
How lovely this island is…

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