Cheer Up

I already know this series before since my niece always mention this drama and she really recommended this drama with two thumbs up. I had two attempts in watching this drama but I always ended up watching another korean series (hahaha!). And so, finally, I already saw the cute face of Lee Won Geun.

This drama sets to be in Sevit High School, an elite school found in Seoul, Korea. This will show you lots of struggles of the high school students: (1) the pressure in getting high grades (2) a person who’s always at the bottom rank (3) a smart guy but has a depressing father-son issue (4) physically beaten up by his father (5) betrayal of a friend and so much more! This drama is quite worth in the hook!



The relevance of their drama title is about their cheerleading squad. There are two popular clubs in their school. The first club is the “Real King”, which is a club composed of students who are hip-hop dancers ( but as I see their dance moves, it’s not that hip-hop at all hahaha!); while the other one is an elite school club where in you could find the students from the top 5%. Because of reasons (can’t spoil you sorry), they are forcibly merged and created a cheerleading squad. And because of this incident, in the end, forming this squad is really worth it despite of their original purpose.

Aside from all those negative issues that runs around their school, you’ll witness a two lovey dovey couple that will develop as you watch their episodes all the way. But I think you’ll get quite disappointed because Yeon Doo doesn’t show off her feelings publicly but in some scenes it’s pretty obvious for me but not quite noticeable for others (I guess). I think the scriptwriter doesn’t give such thorough love story of how the two develop their feelings together because the spotlight is in some other area (such as those things that I’ve mentioned above).


One of the reasons that I am more hook into this is because of the love triangle idea between these three. And how good looking these characters would be.



And there’s bromance feels as well, I kind of hate when these two are too sweet with each other, but all I can say is their friendship is pretty good and solid.


All those good vibes despite of their struggles story line deserves 10/10 score for me.

Bonus picture:


Especially this two, a bonus picture too. :3



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