Charlotte (2015)

Last two weeks ago, I think I am back on track with the anime series again.

Knowing about the definition of “Charlotte” will be at the last three episodes already (not quite sure); that’s why the first five episode of the series gives me a lot of thinking what’s the relevant reason about “Charlotte” and to these characters.

So the title is about a short-period comet. This comet called Charlotte passes near Earth every 75 years; and if this comet passes by, it spreads dust unto the Earth which will cause a small percentage of pre-adolescent children who inhale the dust will have a superhuman ability upon reaching puberty. And so, the main characters does have these superhuman abilities.

The protagonist of Charlotte

Yuu Otosaka, is the bad ass protagonist of Charlotte. On their pilot episode, Yuu acted as a student who doesn’t give a care to anyone. He always take over another person’s body so that he could cheat during exam. Well, this is somehow an overview of his superhuman ability. And because of Nao and the other members of the student council, he managed to discover more of his ability and it is somehow the scariest and powerful ability ever. (I’ll not post the details of how Nao and Yuu met, just watch it d: )

This is the cute and bad ass Nao Tomori

If you’ll just notice in the middle of their episodes, you’ll see the development between Nao and Yuu (how much more the 12th episode hoho). And if you really want an invisibility power then you should be envious to Nao right now. She’s a short-tempered high school student who has an ability to be invisible and aside from that she’s the student council’s president.

Jojiro Takajo, classmate of Nao and also a studen council member as well.

Jojiro’s superhuman ability is synonymous with “The Flash” ability. He’s the fastest student who runs across their canteen just to skip the “fall in line” rule. Yes, he could easily purchase food easily with no effort but he always ends up being injured because he can’t control his speed that much. And that’s why he always wore a gear to protect his body. An extra info about Jojiro, he’s a huge fan of Yusarin (pretty obsess ).


This is an idol in Charlotte and she’s Yusa Nishimori

Well, her ability is quite unique. She could channel the dead as the medium and it’s always Misa (her sister) who always channel through her body. Yusa is a bright and innocent high school student who transferred in Hoshinoumi Academy ( where the awesome student council members you could find eg. Nao and Jojiro); she’s also an idol in the series and she’s so popular.

I almost forgot this energetic character, this is Ayumi Otosaka, Yuu’s sister!

She’s also a fan of Yusa Nishimori and loves to cook omurice for her brother always (hahaha!).

Despite of their awesome superhuman abilities they have this issue regarding with this ability and they should be the team who’ll solve the case (it’s for you to find out, haha!).

I’ll not post another characters because it would lead me to spoil here. You better watch and follow scenes carefully because some episodes might confuse you.  I am pretty disappointed because there’s no S02 for this (well, still wishing for this to happen). The last part is quite hanging for me, so it’s 9/10.


One thought on “Charlotte (2015)

  1. I kind of felt like Charlotte resolved really well and didn’t leave much room for follow up. I liked that it felt complete. I loved the characters and their antics but we watched them overcome and move on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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