Oh My Venus (KDrama)

I watch this series few months ago, it’s still ongoing to watch this series and I always wait for their upcoming episodes before (that was the time I finally decide to watch complete asian series so that I don’t have to wait a century  for an episode).

This is a pretty hot series since Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub are paired up for this series. Many viewers had negative comments about Shin Min Ah portraying as a high school student for their pilot episode; and yeah, somehow it’s not good to watch Shin Min Ah portrayed the role as a student.

Since it’s all about the weight loss and diet control, the makeup artist did his/her best job to make Shin Min Ah really fat. The makeup artist still made it obvious that the fat woman is still the sexy and sassy Shin Min Ah!

maxresdefault (2)
The fat Shin Min Ah version is still beautiful despite of her weight. It’s not too obvious that this effect is made by the power of makeup! Well done for the makeup artist!


And don’t forget the oozed hotness of So Ji Sub. During their pilot episode, he already went topless of his bath tub scene. His hotness brings me back when he’s still in “Memories in Bali” drama (an old Korean series way back then).

Who couldn’t resist this kind of gym instructor? HAHAHAHA


Weight loss, family issue and friendship are some of the things that you see from this drama. 10/10 for this drama!



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