Descendants of the Sun (KDrama)

I guess you already know about this but I’ll still share my review about this cutest drama I’ve ever seen!  We all know that this series is a “talk of the town” drama because of all the good looking casts along the drama. All their episodes would really give you a joy ride of any kind of emotions; from crying, laughing hard out loud, felt the bromance feels and cute giggles in every sweet romantic scene are some of the feelings that the DOTS team could offer from their drama.


Now these four attractive main characters really did their best job, especially when they have double dates and some cute scenes between the two couple. We can say that the staff of this drama really did their best to highlight the best facial features of all the actors/actress; and yeah, they had the best cinematography ever! But I think, almost all their casts are pretty attractive, they really did a good casting calls for this drama HAHAAHA!

Aside from all those sweet scenes from the four main characters, we could also discover some ways in the military service especially from the special forces. They showed important traits where their job is quite dangerous and how they serve with loyalty for their country. Also, they showed some glimpse of how politics works behind the media.




What I love from the series the most is how writers create the character of a doctor and a soldier as a couple. I love how they handle their profession passionately and how they deal it in a full-grown manner. 10/10 for this drama!


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