Murphy’s Law of Love (TDrama)

This is a Taiwanese drama and the female lead is Li Ivelyn and the male lead is Tang Danson! This romantic comedy is one of the drama that I have high hopes. It’s a typical love story between two people who have opposites belief in random aspects and both of them was fresh from heartaches; considering those two facts would really make young ones go crazy for this drama.



I do love this drama because they have this two awesome leads (esp. Tang Danson) and they started off really really good! It does sail smoothly at their first few episodes but at the long run it changes the flow very quickly.

At the last part, I end up hating the character and realized that they’re too immature to handle such relationship. I am pretty confuse because I was hoping that there could be changes on how they handle their relationship since they’re broken from their past and wanted to have a new healthy relationship instead.  In other words, the way they build up the character right from the start and until the end is really quite confusing.


And as a wrap up, I was expecting too much on this drama (because of their first few episodes) but ended up of being sad about what they did on this drama. 7/10 is my overall rating for this drama.


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