Moorim School (KDrama)

I had few attempts already in watching the series and finally, I already finish this series with my niece!

Surprisingly, this series actually is quite different than the usual Korean series that I watched since it’s an action series with a touch of fantasy (because of the Chintamani Key and etc.).  Also, the staff of this series never failed to give emphasis of the four main characters because the common scenarios of four main casts usually ends up only with two main casts. It always happen when the complicated love triangle happens to be a square shaped already (HAHAHAHA!).


So these four cool kids are the main casts that I am talking about with a special mention of Lee Hyun Woo.

I really like how they cut each scenes and separate it into an episode because every time an episode ends it always leaves you a lot of question (but if you read spoilers and written summaries, it won’t kill you at all lol).

The power of trust , tight bond of friendship, awesomeness in defense and offense in martial arts and their sweet and cute romantic scenes are all over in this series. And not to mention the bromance between Shi Woo and Chi Ang (hohoho).



My overall rate for this series would be 10/10.


Which team are you?

Chi Ang and Seon Dok?
or Seon Dok and Shi Woo?

Me? It’s obviously this team hahaha!



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