The Village: Achiara’s Secret (KDrama)

Thriller and mystery from a Korean series isn’t really my usual taste in watching series, I always watch romantic comedy series; but this series ruined my record, the first few episodes gave me chills and curiosity. Plus, I gave this series a chance to watch because of Moon Geun-Young, I just love her as an actress (hohoho).


None of the episodes that lets me slack off and do the multitasking option when I get bored from a series. In every last few seconds from an episode , they really gave you a lot of question, eg: who’s the real mother of Kim Hye Jin?, who kills Hye Jin? and etc.

The main plot is all about the secrets from a village where the family of So Yoon came from. After her grandmother died, she receive a letter from someone who lives from Achiara; from Canada, she traveled to Achiara in searching the truth from the mystery given from the letter. 

Since, this is in mystery series, I won’t share few scenes from the drama to give more curiosity (hohoho).

Rating for this drama is 9/10.

And this guy? gives you a surprise from this drama. Just watch haha!

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