Bride of the Century (KDrama)

While searching another series to watch, this Korean Drama caught my attention because Lee Hong Ki is one of the main character.  I did my “wishful thinking” moment that the Lee Hong Ki from the “You’re Beautiful” (2009 drama) character which he portrayed as Jeremy would be the same Lee Hong Ki in the Bride of the Century.

Well, Jeremy and Kang Ju is pretty opposite but it doesn’t give me such a disappointment while watching.


Because his cute side still pops out of his facial features, look at that ^

On their plot, there are parts of it that are already cliche. Still, I would love to recommend this to my friends because of their ups and downs feels from this drama. The last two episodes are the best! You can totally say to yourself that watching this series is totally worth it.

A test of true love, good relationship among your family, being forgiving, and believing in second chances are some of the traits that you could see from this series. 10/10 for this drama!


And before I forgot, there’s a ghost involved from this series, but don’t be afraid she’s not that creepy at all! She’s even one of the main reason of a happy ending (winks)




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