My Princess (KDrama)

Cute and typical Korean series when a local student is practically a princess and end up to a diplomatic guy. A 16 episode Korean series starring Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon; and since Ryu Soo Young is also a supporting cast here, I am loving the series even more (hahahaha!)



Here’s the first sneak peek photo from one of their scenes hahaa, I know girls would love this part hahaha! But on a serious note, I’d really thought that they aren’t fit to be a couple in this series. I am in “second lead syndrome” a bit at first ( I am sorry haha!)

Just look at him, he’s so perfect to be with Kim Tae Hee in this drama!

Anyhow, the series went too much drama along their few episodes. The trials given for the princess makes me and my niece cried a lot while watching. Kim Tae Hee is so good in crying, she always make the viewers empathize her role in the series.


And after a few sweet scenes from the princess and to that hot diplomat, I find them both silly and sweet! The princess is so goofy, in spite of the fact that she’s part of the royal family; even some of the staff from the palace are getting closer with the princess.


An overall rate would be 9/10.


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