Anahona: The Flower We Saw That Day (2015)

This movie is based from the anime series entitled “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”.  This live action movie is all about friendship, quite paranormal and a cute romance from the super peace busters group.


The movie is about a friend,Menma, who died when the super peace busters group were still a kid. After Menma’s death, they happened to live separately with their lives.

The big change happens when Menma suddenly appears in Jintan’s house, while Jintan was playing a video game. She told Jintan that she came back because she wanted her wish to come true. Unfortunately, Jintan forgot Menma’s wish already and so the challenge for the super peace busters group is on. (I’ll just stop here to avoid more spoilers, haha!)


I just love how their friendship strengthen because of their loss of Meiko. This is a tear-jerker movie, I cried a lot at the last part of the movie. I  bet you’ll cry too if you’ll try to watch it (hahaha!)

And wow, look at the beauty of Minami Hanabe, who act as Meiko/Menma in this movie; I just love her cute face!


I hate the movie ended even without knowing the reason of the death of Menma. I know they saw Meiko’s slipper floating on the river, but I just hope it’s in detail. So yeah, my rate is 8.5/10.

PS: Me and my niece watched this last time but end up watching another series because she got bored with the first few minutes of this movie.


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