Who Are You:School 2015 (KDrama)

This is a “top recommendation” from a friend of my niece; so I conclude this is Korean teen series.


Fortunately, one of the main characters is Kim So Hyun (She’s also the main character from the Ma Boy Korean series).  

So the story revolves the following:

  1. It’s about the identical twin main characters, Lee Eun Bi and Go Eun Byul. Lee Eun Bi is from the Love’s Orphanage who’s always being bullied by Kim So Young in Nuri High School. Meanwhile, Go Eun Byul, is a popular rude girl from Sekang High School and always the top student in the class.
  2. It shares the usual life of a Korean High School student.
  3. The mystery about Soo In’s death case.
  4. The cutest love triangle between, Lee Eun Bi, Go Tae Kwang, and Han Yi-An.

And yeah, this is the character I hate the most, Kim So Young, from beginning until the end she’s always in my nerves! She’s always curious; she keeps on digging and revealing all around the series. But I guess, her character depicts of a high school student who’s always fond that the class would treat her as a strong one and always on the top and popular among all. Well, in the end, she was taught a great lesson to keep and to her fellow viewers like her too.


An overall rate would be 9/10 , it’s because I ship Eun Bi – Tae Kwang tandem than with Yi-An (spoiler alert!).


So moving on, I kind of accept the fact that Eun Bi and Yi-An end up together. Well the spark between them showed at the last part of the series, so yeah.



And before I forgot, I was kind of wondering who’s the dead body found by the river, which is mistakenly conclude that it was Lee Eun Bi’s body. [spoiler]

Images are from these following websites: dramajjang.co, onehallyu.com , ondemandkorea.com, dorama-minaoshi.blogspot.com and leejimdramacorner.com



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