She Was Pretty (KDrama)

I discover this hot Korean series in kissiasian website (where streaming is free XD). On their pilot episode, I was about to stop watching it, because I find it dull or quite bored of the flow of it. But at the second episode, third, fourth until I find this Korean series quite interesting for some characters in the series. I thought that it would be an “ugly duckling lady and turned out to be a fine lady” story. But as I reached the 9th and 10th episode already, I was thinking of “so this is not just about an ugly duckling story then” .



Here are my not so violent reactions:

  • When Ha Ri fells in love with her best friend’s first love, I was thinking of the reason of why they end up just 16 episode. I just had this conclusion that maybe Ha Ri could create chaos about her feelings, but her best friend is too good that she was able to say sorry properly right after hiding it for few months.
  • I thought Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk would end up as a couple.  I was hoping that they would have more scenes together. It was pretty sad that at the last two episodes, the scenes were just circling around with Hye Jin and Sung Joon (sobs). I know that they are the main characters but I was hoping to see Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk more scenes of it as well.
  • Ha Ri’s story is pretty interesting I just don’t know why they made up that story if she’s just a supporting character for this series. If they don’t have those kind of issues from Ha Ri’s family I wouldn’t be interested and curious of Ha Ri’s character (pft).
  • I was hoping a scene that they could share the life story about TEN (just curious about it, pft).




These are the reasons why I love this series:

  • The whole series always gives off a good vibe, right from the start and until the end.
  • I am so envious of the relationship between Ha Ri and Hye Jin #friendshipgoals as we say HAHA!
  • I just love how Hye Jin’s character builds up, she knows how to understand and balance an issue.
  • I thought that this series is predictable but it isn’t.  They did a great job on that part!
  • Choi Si Won’s appearance is ❤
  • Sung Joon and Shin Hyuk bromance hahahaha!

For the whole package of the series, it’s 10/10

Images are from dramafever, dailymotion,, and She Was Pretty Facebook page.


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