Advance Christmas Dinner in Tempura Japanese Grill

Yakisoba, California Maki and Shoyu Chashu Ramen

Since we’re hungry and don’t want our hyper-acidity roll on in our tummy, we checked out other restaurants from the new wing of SM Cebu (restaurants that we haven’t tried before). So I was thinking of a Korean Restaurant but unfortunately SM don’t have one (sobs), they only have these Japanese restaurant like the Tempura Japanese Grill. My partner is already starving with his all time favorite Japanese dish which is California Maki! I was  about to order a bento (because the price is cheap haha) but then they’ll just serve it every Monday – Friday (sobs again).

The people in the restaurants are accommodating especially to the lady who welcomes customers at the entrance door.

You can easily find the restaurant if you always wander around North Wing of SM Cebu, they’re just nearby the Bigby’s Restaurant.



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