Heneral Luna (2015)

To all Filipinos out there especially to the young generation, this is obviously a wake-up-call type of movie. The movie was trying to let us remember why we have this kind of freedom and why we have this kind of government right now.

Before, they fight hard just to give justice and right freedom to the Filipinos. Now, we are in the years of corruption where people raise their rights together with their evil doings just for the benefit of their own.

Before, people raise their voices just to prove that they are still alive and prepared to fight for the enemies. Now we are in rage of non-sense “kilig” shows from our both local networks, teenagers fight for their idols than knowing the truth and chaos of our country.

Our generation today is way too far from the generation where Heneral Luna, Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio and all other heroes lived.

It’s already useless to have such comparison between now and before, because our people today is not like the people who are prepared to die for our country before. From this movie, I think Filipinos should give a step up to choose the right one to lead our fellowmen. We shouldn’t be greedy at this time, we shouldn’t be like Emilio Aguinaldo, that even he’s not our enemy, he’s surprisingly self-centered bastard.


The whole movie deserves 10/10 rating. The whole crew are the best, they have a good summary and still shared the most essential part of the life of Heneral Luna. Heneral Luna is crazy ass one just to fight for the right, he gives strict discipline to his soldiers. He deserves to be called as the “best generals of all time” from the Philippine History.


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