A Brilliant Young Mind (2015)

An another movie where all math genius out there would love to watch because the main character is just the same as you (if you’re one of them = math god/goddess). If we’re talking about genius men and women, some of them are just average and some are those who have these difficulty to blend in with the normal people.

Nathan (Asa Butterfield) had a difficulty to comprehend about love and affection towards other people. He was mentored by a professor who was considered to be a contestant before of a Math Olympiad, where all those math brilliants are gathered to compete and win the pride for their own or for their country.


The movie showed the possibility that even a soul who is quite numb for how many years could really have the chance to feel the love and affection from others. Though the movie doesn’t give me a twist of emotions, I just love the innocence of the character and how pure his heart is.

This movie deserves to be 8/10. 8, because we’re pretty disappointed that he didn’t went back to the contest. We just wish he ended up as a Math Olympiad Champion.


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