Every Secret Thing (2014)

If a movie is a mystery type of movie, viewers should always end up lots of confusion and to whom they really trust from the cast. Well, this movie leaves me confusion as well,  this is the movie which I really love to watch another movie that’s quite like this.

This is about the two young girls who are imprisoned of killing the baby that’s just around by their neighbourhood. But, as they were about to have their new lives after 13 years, they appeared to be one of the suspects again by a young girl who disappeared from a particular furniture store.


Now, Dakota Fanning, who appeared to be goth and very mysterious and had an aura of a killer or a bad ass teenager, but as the story flows, it appeared to be the opposite side of her. Meanwhile, her co-star Danielle MacDonald, who’s also a great actress in this movie, (thought I didn’t read the book version of this movie) portrays the character near to perfection.

I love how the team made the story short that’s actually based from the book of Laura Lippman that’s entitled “Every Secret Thing”, I think they totally display all the necessary scenes from the book. (just my opinion, not a book lover).

The whole movie? I say, “Awesome as awesome!” 10/10


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