Finding Vivian Maier (2014)

Due to curiosity, we watched a documentary about a nanny who captures astonishing photographs.  She have this black and white photo and still captures the beauty naturally from the people around Chicago streets, and have hundreds of coloured photos from her rolls and videos. But, she didn’t take a chance to show it to public.

Now, John Maloof, a real estate agent who’s also fond with photography, he bought Vivian Maeir’s box of negatives from an auction house in Chicago. He was just simply searching for historic images for his research. The auction house just gave him Maeir’s name which is the owner of the box of negatives and nothing extra details of the nanny. And on that day , he make the greatest discovery of an amazing photographer, Vivian Maeir.

Scanning and developing from the undeveloped films by Vivian Maier , John discovered the nice quality of each photos.


Surprisingly Vivian Maeir took selfies before and it’s called portrait, just like the picture above.

The whole discovery of her photos by John and by helping her expose of her  great photos on Flickr,  John confirmed that he have these box of negatives for him to uncover the identity of this mysterious nanny.

And it’s no surprise that the photos of Vivian Maeir  have its own museum in Chicago, and through the eyes of Maeir, you could see the great artwork that she captures for the place as well.

VivianMaier-May51955-1024x1024 vivian-maier-photography-documentary-2-720x720 download

The documentary film about this nanny is quite intriguing and her photos leaves my jaw dropped as we discover her some photos developed by John. 10/10 for this!


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