Pick + Mix = Pizza!

Teenagers nowadays says, pizza is their bae, well this pick and mix pizza store would be awesome to have in Cebu. And on the very first day, most of the people is really thrilled by this pick and mix craze in Pizza Republic. We don’t get  a chance to visit on the first day of Pizza Republic, but it’s never too late to experience the famous pick and mix craze!

IMG_20150704_153949 copy

From their tag line “Pick + Mix” , you’ll choose your favorite toppings for your pizza, it’s like a custom made pizza babe! Now these toppings doesn’t have a price each; so you will just pay the whole pizza for only PHP 245.00, it’s very affordable (winks).

IMG_20150704_154243 copy IMG_20150704_154455 copy

I am not totally surprised of their interior designs because I already saw this kind of style to some of the few restaurants that I visit already.  The place? it’s 10/10 because of the typography quotes that I saw on their walls anywhere. The overall area is very clean and organized.

IMG_20150704_154616 copy

The Pizza Republic is located at the Salinas Drive, Cebu City. it’s near the Brique restaurant or with the Mang Inasal, Lahug branch.


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