Humming (2008)

This would be our first South Korean movie which is a romantic plus fantasy. In the movie, a talented and young scientist, Jun Seo is already tired of his 5 yr plus relationship and  he’s trying to break up towards Mi Yeon. As he was about to apply for a job in Antarctica, Mi Yeon, his girlfriend, had an accident. Surprisingly, the day after Mi Yeon’s accident, she visits her boyfriend early in the morning like nothing happened. Meanwhile, Jun Seo thought that it was real, but it isn’t.

Every time Jun Seo reminisce his sweet moments with Mi Yeon, the movie showed flashbacks.

The whole movie is filled with sadness. I thought in the end that there’s still hope for Mi Yeon, but..

Never mind ha! (such spoiler)

Humming-0001I rate this movie as 10/10 


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