The Duff (2015)

This romantic comedy film is just cliche because they have an ugly duckling character plus the hot and good looking mentor who happened to fell in love with each other. This is pretty recommended for the members of Generation N, who would always read and gave critic online to their rivals or friends. Also, this is a funny guide to all students who tries to change of who they are just to fit in and be popular.

Now, the main character who’s Bianca Piper, whom entitled to be the DUFF which stands as Designated Ugly Fat Friend, had her two beautiful and hip best friends (Jess and Casey). She always ends up being questioned to where is her best friends and what they are up to. And since, Wes (his neighbour and childhood friend) told her that she’s a DUFF, she experience the five stages of accepting the truth and move on.

Bianca Piper does rock right after those stages together with the tips from her childhood friend, Wes. And yeah, Wes is totally hot (since he’s Robbie Amell!) and looks perfect when he smiles at Bianca Piper, who doesn’t happened to fall in love with that kind of guy.

If you want a romantic comedy ride, then you should be watching this film right now and fell in love with Wes of course, haha! I rate this movie as 10/10!



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