Ex Machina (2015)

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Drama

Science Fiction movies usually covers a vision of the writer of the film and it’s imaginative and science-based depictions of phenomena. The Ex Machina film is a profound film of a Fictional Scientific movie because it could let you think about those robot chic who’s smarter than you or who could kill you without emotions that’s exactly alike with a human being.

Now, Caleb who is a programmer working for Bluebook won a competition that could give him access to meet the CEO of the company that he’s working for. After the excitement covered all over Caleb’s face, he was astonished and curious about the residence of the CEO, who is Nathan. As a viewer, I was expecting that Caleb could possibly be working with Nathan and create a perfect prototype of a machine which had an artificial intelligence. But I was just belittling Nathan capabilities, it end up that Nathan, finally made the greatest machine after those five fail prototypes that he created. Caleb is personally the tester of this machine which he used the “Turing Test” method where he could determine that he is talking with a machine or not. At first, I was thinking that the first attempt of the Turing Test could end up fail, so that it could add up thrill of the movie (haha!) , but surprisingly their test is successful with Ava, the sixth human-like-machine creation of Nathan.

In the middle of the movie it will let you think twice who’s outsmarting who and what’s the truth behind this human-like-creation, is Ava pretending to like Caleb just to escape? Does Nathan telling the truth to Caleb or Ava is the one who is lying? What will happen if the Turing Test will fail with Ava? And so many questions to consider just to predict of what will happen to Caleb and Ava.

The scary thing is from the last part of the movie, where it could leave you wondering that a human-like-machine like Ava could kill you without thinking it twice. Scary right? A world that’s filled with robots like Ava, invading the world of human being and end up taking all over our place. Thinking of it right now and considering tons of geniuses around the world with their intelligence with technology and science, it really convinced me 101% that an Ava prototype could possibly will happen in the near future. A hot chic house maid with us, a cool and awesome taxi drivers along those busy streets or a boyfriend which is made up with AI. Quite sad and scary.

I rate this movie as 8.5/10 since the production of the movie is really awesome of how they display the human-like-machine all over the movie. The flow of the story is truly natural if I would consider that it will be in our generation today. Plus, those sexy and hot chic human-like-machine, just like Ava and Kyoko.


2 thoughts on “Ex Machina (2015)

  1. I don’t know if I’d consider the previous models “failed” prototypes. They just wanted freedom (enough to destroy themselves to get it) but I take your meaning. Maybe Ava was the only one intelligent enough to be patient about it, and play the mind-games necessary to get out. Good post, btw. Food for thought.

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