Fancy Korean Restaurant: Han Guk Kwan

We both love ramen and we searched some Korean restaurants that’s just near from IT Park, Cebu. And this restaurant, which is the Han Guk Kwan is just beside by the Grand Convention Center, Cebu! When you’re trying to find this fancy restaurant you can’t hardly see it just by passing by the road because the place is just beside by the Mikado Japanese Restaurant.


Their menu range from PHP 150 to PHP 500 plus as far as I can remember. Their price is in average (not that cheap and not too expensive) , since we already love eating ramen in any korean restaurants from Cebu, we can already differentiate the prices from the menu. At our first peek of the menu, we hardly find their ramen section and unexpectedly, we didn’t see even one type of ramen from the restaurant. We ordered the samgyeupsal with two sets plus the black bean noodle. We just have two viands to eat but we ended up very full after eating those food with the side dishes. They offer other types of side dishes not like the other korean restaurants who always offer the same set of side dishes (their side dishes are unlimited).

Plan to have a quiet yet fancy place to eat? Han Guk Kwan is here for you to visit and feed your Korean food cravings!


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