Invite, Involve and Invest with God

Last Sunday, we witness the best and magical wedding from our former office mate, Ryan, which is also one of the close friends of Jake.

We all know that the highlight of a wedding ceremony is when the bride marched already. The moment when his bride walks down the aisle, it was memorable and the people make their extra motion to just stop and stare towards the Bride; and yeah, even the groom was teary eyed already haha! The gorgeous bride wore an elegant gown from the “Heavenly Weddings”.


Pretty hot, right? But wait, how about the groom. He also wore a suit from “Heavenly Weddings” and the rest of the important roles from the ceremony wore the outfit from the same Bridal clothing line.




Their motif is definitely unique and cute. They use hot pink, light brown,white and violent accent from their wedding venue and to their reception area.  The whole event was held at Chateu de Busay, Cebu.  The whole place adds the magical touch to the event, it’s pretty obvious with the pictures, right?


I think the next memorable part of a wedding is the exchanging of vows. It’s there we can hear and witness the commitments between lovers from to what they are now and to what they will be in the future.  The pastor gave an ingredient to make a marriage a secure one , which is “Invite, Involve and Invest with God”


Invite God to what any events you will be, problems that make you weary , happiness that you always like to remember and moments that you want to forget.

Involve God, because as the pastor says, “there would be no miracle if you’ll just invite God from an event, you need to let God be involve”. Make God a center or a strong foundation to a marriage and to any type of happenings of your life; if you are happy, sad,  and alone we all know that God is always there who is willing to lend a hand to help and comfort you all along your journey.

Invest with God, make worth things that’s best to serve with the Lord. Make good investments for Him. I think time would be the best investment, time to reflect and a time to be with Him.

The pastor says, it’s not a guarantee that it would be the best key for a perfect marriage.  It’s just because nobody exist as a perfect wife and perfect husband to make a perfect marriage. The important thing is, to always make God the center of our lives. Keep , spread and apply the word.

As the wedding ceremony ended, the fun vibe comes in the atmosphere already. So yeah, we have the buffet that’s from the lovely couple. The area was nice and cute, they serve first the cute sweets right after witnessing the wedding ceremony.

Still, the flow of the program was coordinated by the “Heavenly Weddings” together with the host that’s from Magic 92.3. The newly weds enjoyed their memorable feast together with their family, relatives and their close friends.

Again, we would like to congratulate Ryan and Maybelle! May God be the center of your marriage!

PS: Credits to Alvin Asayas to all photos that I posted above. You can also visit his Facebook page.


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