Fun Miracle Art

Last Saturday (April 11, 15′) , we have this unplanned walk to visit a Museum. We visit the Cebu Happy World Museum! (insert happy smileys here) The Museum is in Cordova so when you’re from South, you can have a long ride with those white van from SM Cebu -Barangay Gabi, Cordova, the fare is about PHP 35.00/person.

We spent 1 hour travel from SM Cebu to the museum. After our long ride, we saw this castle which is the Cebu Happy World Museum! We are asked to take off our shoes/sandals before we get inside the museum and placed it in a blue basket.

Entrance Fee for Local Residents could cost:

Adult: PHP 350.00 (19 yrs. and above) Child: PHP 250.00 (4 yrs. and 18 yrs. old)

Entrance Fee for the Non-Local Residents could cost:

Adult : PHP 400.00 (19 yrs and above) Child: PHP 300.00 (4 yrs. and 18 yrs. old)

Or visit their Facebook Page to ask the updated price for entrance fee.


Got our tickets already (insert happy smileys) Horrah! Let’s take a peek with their Miracle Art! If you wish to have a memorable visit for this museum , try to bring your best camera so that you can capture their gigantic and best painting with your friends, family or special someone.











19Well, theses are just some of their optical illusion artworks to play with.  Visit this awesome fun miracle art now!


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