Tuslob Buwa in Azul, Cebu!

If you are not on a diet this is a good place to go to eat and eat and eat! In Azul, their featured viand is their tuslob buwa set! Tuslob Buwa craze is already popular here in Pasil, Cebu and their restaurant just clicked in because they offer new tuslob buwa experience ! Before, they just serve a set for your tuslob buwa experience here in Gorordo, Cebu. Today, they are now having new sets of menu to feed your cravings!



Well they have few improvements the second time around I visit here in Azul: (1) they have already posted to some publications that they are exposed (2) they added good cheap sets of menu to eat! (their lumpia is the best!) (3) they posted a tuslob buwa cook tutorial for the first timers (4) they have an awesome uniform shout out shirts for their employees.



The tuslob buwa set cost PHP 120.00, the set is already good for two persons. If you don’t know how to cook it, just follow their instructions to enjoy your tuslob buwa experience (:


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