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Hi, what's up? It's been centuries already that I didn't post a new kdrama review on this page. I'd like to share my new blog page, and I made it with blogger site. Here's the link. It's not with a custom link yet, I'm still starting to post few entries from my old reviews in [...]


Plastic Memories (2015)

If we talk about robots, we usually imagine them with a straight face and hardly no feelings because they are just ran by a program, but the robots in this series are totally different. They are called as “Giftia” - a type of android developed by Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation which they really look like [...]

Let’s Fight Ghost (KDrama)

Let’s Fight, Ghost or also known as Bring It On, Ghost is a Korean series that talks about a high school student who died at the age of 19. She’s a ghost and wandered around the world for five years already. Meanwhile, Park Bong Pal, a college student who make his ability in seeing ghosts [...]